Dr Gai Lindsay

Dear art in early childhood friends,

It is hard to believe we are nearing the end of yet another year. 2023 is promising to be another busy year – I think perhaps they speed up as I get older.

What is very exciting for me is witnessing an increase in the number of conversations about visual arts in early childhood and an increase in opportunities to engage with professional learning about the delivery of high-quality visual arts pedagogy.

This blog simply points you in the direction of some upcoming Professional Learning opportunities – some online and some face to face in 2023. After all it is the presence of an intentional teacher that makes all the difference to the learning children experience and enjoy.

Hope to see you at some of them!!

Dr Gai Lindsay


Please register to join me and Dr Sarah Probine and Dr Rachel Denee as we discuss our research about the role of teachers’ self-efficacy beliefs in delivering visual arts curricula.  We will share the common findings from our research studies to highlight that even though early childhood teachers tend to report low visual arts confidence, there are positive strategies that can build teachers’ capacity to deliver rich arts-based learning experiences with children.

Register here to access either the live training or the post event recording.

Bright Start 2022 Annual International Conference in Early Childhood Care & Education

I will be presenting two online workshops during the 2022 Annual International Conference in Early Childhood Care & Education – December 9-11, 2022.

WORKSHOP 1: Building identity and potential: The importance of early arts experiences for children

WORKSHOP 2: Becoming confident with drawing and mark making


You may also like to check out the 2022 VOICES OF CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL project online galleries. Thanks to the many teachers around the world who have supported young children to participate in this 1st Voices of Children international project. The Voices of Children project aims to enable young children from across the world to capture moments in time, highlight their creativity, share their art and tell the world what is special to them…Parents and educators play a significant role in assuring a child’s positive identity. Educators, parents and children work together to create special artworks, which reflect the culture, or world in which they live.


At the same link you can be added to the mailing list to participate in the 2023 International VOICES OF CHILDREN PROJECT.

Semann & Slattery Inspire 2023 conference

I am thrilled and honoured to be presenting at the Semann & Slattery Inspire Conference in March 2023 in Sydney.

If you yearn to slow down and delight in artistic materials and processes with children (and for yourself!!) come along to my very practical workshop. To register go to

International Association of Art in Early Childhood Bi-annual conference in EXETER, UK June 21-23, 2023

Join the International Association of Art in Early Childhood facebook group here for regular updates.

Join the 9th International Art in Early Childhood Conference: Nature & Nurture Facebook group for regular 2023 conference updates

To submit your abstract fill in this form – (Abstract submission deadline is 09 December 2022 )

For those unable to attend – The International Art in Early Childhood Association aims to continue to provide online presentation e-books in the future. To see a selection of presentations from the 2021 Art in Early Childhood Online symposium visit the ART IN EARLY CHILDHOOD WEBSITE

And the e-book page has links to 5 e-books focussed on the “elephants” in the visual arts classroom.  The Elephant Book Series contains more than 35 hours of FREE audio-visual recordings and resources to inspire your visual arts pedagogy. Great for team training and discussions.

Atelier in enn Koffer (atelier in a suitcase)

For colleagues who plan to be in Europe in mid 202, my colleague Sabine Plamper is offering an exciting training opportunity on 28-30th June 2023 in Amsterdam – it will be a 2 day English training – “Understanding with your hands”. It will include an excursion day to interesting Art in Early childhood places in Amsterdam. Perhaps share this link with interested colleagues. For more information: